One day, I repeatedly read the yo-yo in Wikipedia. When I read the section “Physical mechanism”, I suddenly felt a hint of inspiration.


The following is the original text:
When the yo-yo is first released, the throw gives it translational kinetic energy. As the string unwinds, much of this energy is converted into rotational kinetic energy, causing the yo-yo to spin rapidly. As the yo-yo unwinds, it Because the yo-yo has significant rotational inertia, it can store enough energy in its rotation to fight gravity all the way back up to the hand.

References: yo-yo wikipedia

The sentence in the text gave me a hint of inspiration, this is the original source of R2FG.

RTFG is an abbreviation for the initials of Rotation to fight gravity.

I wriote it down and keep rereading it to retrian my mind.

more combinations flash out

For example, STFG: Spin to fight gravity

When I hesitate about it. I just saw my keyboard, what a coincidence, R,T,F,G these four keys is next to each others.

I made a decision right away. Then check out if the domain be registered.
Fortunately, this name for domain and social networks is all available.

Next step is design a logo. The graphic logo is design by my art-work friend, it based on an Aircraft.
Flattening it and makes it looks ready to take off.

The text LOGO is a reference to the font of my favorite sports shoe brand Saucony. And the black orange color is theme color of R2FG. So response pad is also orange.

The above is the story of the birth of the R2FG name and LOGO.